Sunday, March 5, 2017

Andkosh which women are at risk of cancer?

Andkosh which women are at risk of cancer?

Andkosh certain causes of cancer is not known. However, research shows that the cause of the disease can increase the chances.

(1) Family History The first female relatives (mother, sister, daughter) who had been suffering from cancer Andkosh them greater risk of being infected.

(2) as well as its potential Ayuः increasing age increases. Generally Andkosh cancer are women above the age of fifty, sixty up those who are most vulnerable.

(3) Women who have no children are more prone to this cancer.

Andkosh cancer symptoms are what?

Andkosh Andkosh of cancer symptoms are the same that are benign conditions such as menstrual disruption Bearami stomach. Sometimes the symptoms can be vague, such as diarrhea or weight incidents. So must go to the doctor regularly.

Andkosh cancer treatment What are the alternatives?

Andkosh treatment options for cancer patients and results are dependent on the type of cancer that was diagnosed before he had spread and how much.

Andkosh to prevent cancer is to test whether a Skriningi?

Andkosh get diagnosed with cancer in early position, no screening test is not yet made.

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