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Home remedies for dealing with asthma

Home remedies for dealing with asthma


The asthma attack can completely stop the breathing tubes, which can stop the supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body. Although it is better to treat asthma with a doctor's consultation, there are some effective home remedies to control asthma. These measures are quite beneficial. Let's learn about some similar home remedies.

Ginger and garlic

Both ginger and garlic are beneficial in the treatment of asthma. In the initial sta


Asthma is destroyed after taking half cup of celery juice and adding the same quantity of water in it, after morning and evening meal. To prevent asthma, steam from celery is also beneficial. For this, add celery in water and boil it and take the steam rising from the water. It provides immediate relief in respiratory distress.


Honey is considered to be quite beneficial in asthma. Honey improves mucus, which causes asthma disorders. Sniffing of honey when attacking asthma also benefits Apart from this, mixing honey with three times a glass of lukewarm water can definitely help in asthma by drinking it.

Sahajan leaves

Seek comfortably by boiling water for about 5 minutes in water. When the mixture is lightly cooled, add salt, a quarter lemon juice and black pepper powder in it. This kind of decoction is considered to be a good treatment for asthma.


Fenugreek is very helpful in repairing the inner allergy of the body. Boil some grains of fenugreek with a glass of water until the water is one-third. Mix honey and ginger juice in this water and eat it every morning and evening. You will have definite benefits. Patients of asthma can also eat fenugreek seeds.


A person suffering from asthma should practice yoga and pranayama. For this, in the morning, keeping the spinal cord straight and breathing in open and clean air should leave and leave. This will digest food properly and the body will get full energy. It also improves lungs and respiratory processes.

Dry figs

Fig is a fruit which is as sweet as the beneficial. Dried fruits of fig are very useful. It also prevents cough from freezing. Keep dry figs soaked in hot water overnight. Eat it empty stomach in the morning. By doing so, the accumulated mucus in the breathing tube turns out loose. And it also provides relief from infection.

bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is rich in nutrient properties. It also has effective treatment of asthma. Mix one spoon paste of bitter gourd with honey and basil juice, it provides relief in asthma. It also provides relief from internal allergies.

green vegetables

People with asthma should eat food slowly, chew better and less than their capacity. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. Minerals like carbohydrate lubricant and protein should be taken in the diet and at least a minimum of fresh fruits, green vegetables and groundnut foods such as sprouted gram should be taken in plenty.

Oil massage

After asthma, massage with camphor in the mustard oil on the chest and spinal cord should be performed. Steam bath should also be done after a while after massage. By doing this daily, rest takes rest in asthma within a few days.

ge of asthma, it is useful to consume 5 grams of garlic in 30 ml milk by consuming this mixture daily. Besides, asthma can also be controlled by mixing two buds of garlic in hot tea of ​​ginger and drinking it twice a day.

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